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Broomfield, CO 80021

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Company Description:

At Derive, we know one of the biggest challenges in fleet management is getting drivers to comply with safety policies, company procedures, and sticking to a budget, so we shifted the responsibility for improved fleet performance from the driver to the vehicle.

With more than two million software installations across the country, our fleet solutions focus on engine calibrations and vehicle software upgrades that customize your vehicles to make them mission-specific and give you control over how your vehicle performs.

These upgrades immediately result in gains in four main areas of fleet management:

  • Safety: Eliminate unsafe driving behaviors like speeding and harsh acceleration, and incorporates a quality distracted driver prevention program
  • Fuel efficiency: Get more out of your gas by reducing idle RPM, adding automatic idle shutoff, and tailoring shift points for improved performance and fuel cost savings
  • Productivity: Get the job done on time, with the best route, and with the right vehicle with mission-specific engine calibrations
  • Sustainability: Extend the life of your fleet vehicles with proactive maintenance and reduce your carbon footprint while on the road

Your partnership with Derive starts with a consultation where we understand your fleet’s goals and calculate the ROI of installing Derive’s vehicle software upgrade in your fleet and seeing first-hand the savings you accrue. Then, through a quick installation of our technology, we establish baseline metrics that we use to create the customizations your fleet vehicles need and then upgrade and optimize your vehicle’s software. From there, it’s business as usual for your drivers as they do their job and you get the data you need to make smarter decisions about your fleet’s needs.

At Derive, we’re an automotive technology company that goes beyond telematics to deliver a more intelligent vehicle experience. We empower fleet managers to optimize their fleet’s performance and have safer and more efficient operations, regardless of driver behavior.

Contact us to schedule your free expert consult with Derive!

Product Information:
Charlie Mahoney Business Development View Phone Number(407) 462-4145
Add to Outlook Contacts Senior Director Strategic Sales View Phone Number(847) 204-9784
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