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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an effective, secure and convenient solution for driver/operator identification and access control in fleet management. Using the same ID card employees already use to get in the door, RFID can:

  • Ensure that the right driver/operator is assigned to the right vehicle or equipment
  • Reduce key management costs by enabling alternate methods for vehicle access
  • Link drivers with telematics and behavioral management systems to track driver behavior, safety statistics and compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) and other regulations
  • Match drivers with time-and-attendance and human resource systems for pay, attendance tracking and productivity analysis

Our remotely updateable, universal RFID readers help OEMs, Integrators and VARs provide a “future proof” driver/operator identification and access control solution for their customers

By providing a virtual single-part number solution that ensures worldwide compatibility and obsolescence protection, ELATEC readers reduce organizational procurement, IT and touch labor costs. This is unlike competitor products which may work with fewer transponder technologies, require on-site programming for each device, and which may significantly increase total product costs when technology or security updates are required.

ELATEC's powerful, flexible reader technology gives OEMs and VARs in the fleet management market a real competitive advantage, both now and in the future.

  • Expand internationally: ELATEC readers are certified for sale in as many as 110 countries around the world.
  • Maximize market opportunities: ELATEC readers support nearly every card technology available, including both HF and LF, as well as emerging smartphone mobile access control solutions via BLE and NFC.
  • Reduce total lifecycle costs: ELATEC readers simplify inventory management with a single part number solution and can be easily updated or reconfigured without replacing inventory.
  • Deliver customer advantage: ELATEC readers reduce configuration expenses, extend product life, and support advanced functionality and security requirements, providing meaningful product differentiation for OEMs.
  • Prepare for the future: With ELATEC, you'll be ready for whatever comes next. Our readers can be reconfigured and updated remotely to address emerging opportunities and customer requirements.

Contact us today to speak with an Application Specialist to make “The Elatec Advantage” your own.

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Fleet Management Software & Computerized Systems
GPS/Vehicle Navigation Systems
Security Devices
Vehicle Anti-Theft Systems & Services
Vehicle Monitoring Systems
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