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Filtering out the Competition

Advanced Technologies, our patented dual-stage technology is designed for optimum filtration and extended performance. Premium Performance, we use premium materials to achieve a 99% filtration efficiency and longer service intervals. Significant Savings, Greater filter efficiency results in reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

How the Microfilter Works

The microGreen spin-on oil filter’s advanced hybrid design combines two distinct filter elements within the same space as a traditional spin-on oil-filter. The filter media captures the larger particles in the engine oil, while the microfilter captures particles down to two microns in size, keeping your oil cleaner, longer. The “two filters in one” design of the microGreen filter leverages a core conventional oil filter structure, allowing most of the oil to take its usual path while diverting a small portion of the oil to the top of the filter to be processed through our patented microfilter. The microfilter—which is constructed of advanced materials that provides advanced filtration efficiency. To avoid disrupting the oil flow or adversely affecting oil pressure, the microfilter is designed to capture oil over multiple passes. By continuously filtering a small portion of the engine oil, the microGreen filter achieves improvements in oil quality over time and in as few as 100 miles of driving. The microfilter also features a high pore volume with 2-5 micron-size pore openings. This enables the capture of a large amount of these small particles without clogging the filter, resulting in cleaner, longer lasting oil and an extended filter life. We installed each competitor’s conventional oil filter in a passenger vehicle, and after traveling 40 miles with used, dirty engine oil, oil samples were taken. Then, those same conventional filters were fitted with an adapter to use the microfilter technology in the microGreen® oil filter, and the vehicles were operated another 40 miles. With the addition of the patented microfilter technology, the average five-micron particle count dropped an additional 85%

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Whether you’re weighing the options for your personal vehicle or commercial fleet, cost savings are critical. The microGreen spin-on filter reduces the costs associated engine maintenance by extending the use of the engine oil. Additionally, through the increased capture of small particles, our oil filters can help reduce wear on your vehicle’s engine. This impact on engine life can result in decreased maintenance associated with wear and provide indirect savings potential.

Reduce Waste

Used oil and used oil filters, which contain toxic substances such as benzene, lead, zinc and cadmium, are considered one of the highest environmental impact concerns, threatening drinking water and the earth. It is estimated that annual U.S. lubricating oil sales exceed 600 million gallons—and the EPA approximates that “do it yourself” oil changes generate an excess of 200 million gallons of used oil each year. It is also estimated that the U.S. generates more than 485 million used oil filters yearly, and despite many states’ mandates to recycle used filters, the recycling rate remains around 50%. Millions of filters containing toxic used oil are being discarded improperly, posing serious potential hazards to drinking water. To put the danger in perspective, a single gallon of used oil pollutes one million gallons of water, equivalent to the water supply consumed by 50 people in one year. The microGreen filter helps to alleviate the environmental impact generated by the use of engine oil and oil filters. Because our filters clean oil more efficiently and are longer-lasting than traditional filters, vehicle owners are able to use fewer filters and significantly less oil over the course of a vehicle’s lifetime. This reduced frequency of oil changes and filter replacements has the potential to prevent a significant amount of hazardous waste going into our landfills.

Cleaner Oil, Guaranteed

ISO 4548-12 multi-pass tests have been conducted to determine the filtration efficiency and dirt holding capacity of the convention pleated full-flow filter element inside the microGreen filter. The results demonstrate that the microGreen filter exceeds the necessary performance requirements for extended use for both filtration efficiency and capacity. Analyses have also been conducted to understand the quality of the oil film using the microGreen filter even after extended use of lubricating oil. The oil film is the thin coating of lubrication on the surface of the moving parts within the engine. By conducting a Pin-on-Disk (ASTM G99) test at an independent certified laboratory, the lubricity and protective properties of the oil were assessed. New oil, oil filtered by the microGreen filter for 72,000 miles and oil filtered by a conventional filter were analyzed. Results indicate that oil filtered by the microGreen filter has equivalent oil film quality to new oil.


The microGreen® Warranty

The microGreen filter is an aftermarket part.  Like other parts and chemicals, you have used on your vehicle that were not purchased from your vehicle’s manufacturer, the microGreen filter does not in any way invalidate or void your vehicle’s warranty. We appreciate that your vehicle warranty can be confusing.  In simple terms, like all aftermarket parts, the microGreen filter does not void your warranty, but it is also not covered by your vehicle warranty.  This means two things:  A warranty claim cannot be denied simply because you use the microGreen filter, and the warranty responsibility moves from your vehicle manufacturer to the part manufacturer. We stand fully behind fully behind our product and offer a warranty to back up the quality of our product.  The main difference between our warranty and those of other parts is that we warranty our product based on the extended usage interval we recommend for oil maintenance.  Therefore, we extend your oil drain interval and we also extend the coverage of our warranty. Furthermore, if your vehicle manufacturer or dealership claims that the use of the microGreen filter voids the vehicle warranty, or that it will not provide warranty coverage because of the use of the microGreen filter, the vehicle manufacturer or dealership would be in violation of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. This is a Federal law that enables you to use aftermarket parts not provided by your vehicle manufacturer.  A denial of a vehicle warranty claim must be directly and causally connected to the use of the microGreen filter. We welcome you to contact us if your vehicle manufacturer or dealership tells you that the use of a microGreen filter affects your warranty. We would be glad to speak with them to assist you in resolving the situation. In order to assist us, please request from them, in writing, the denial of the warranty claim and the specific reasons for that denial. You can contact us by filling out the contact form on our website at, by e-mail at, by calling 877-757-SOMS (7667) x705, or sending us a fax at 877-757-7667. Also, please visit our website for more information about our warranty.

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