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Company Description:

WorkWave Route Manager is an all-in-one route planning and GPS tracking solution that helps last mile businesses work smarter. In minutes, you’ll build optimized routes with an easy-to-use, enterprise level SaaS technology that increases operational efficiency by 30% from day one.

Instantly save time, money, mileage, and gain control, visibility, and streamlined operations.

From Day 1, Route Manager’s Optimized Routing Enables:
• 30% immediate savings in the office and on the road
• 10 to 15% percent reduction in fuel consumption
• 20% more stops done in the same eight hours
• 30% more efficient than other leading route planning software

Build reliable and efficient route plans in the click of a button.
Route Manager takes into account time windows, available resources, requests, and other factors that can impact your plans. Your day runs smoother when you have 360 visibility and control to adjust routes before/after your drivers start their day.

Make smarter decisions with increased visibility.
Stay connected to driver status, location and Live ETAs to identify when you’re ahead of schedule or running behind. Plus, you can collect proof of delivery and requests to reschedule with the mobile app and confirm locations with GPS tracking. Get the answers you need quicker!

Meet and exceed customer expectations.
Manage on-time arrivals, on-the-fly requests and same/next-day commitments more efficiently with Route Manager. You’ll have the power to be more accurate with estimations and arrival times, satisfy customer requests and ultimately streamline your business operations with powerful APIs.

As the #1 route planning tool for the last mile, Route Manager allows you to simplify your day, maximize productivity, and delight your customers. Now you can free up your time and focus on the big picture: happy customers, efficient drivers, and providing 5-Star service.

Product Information:
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Add to Outlook Contacts Senior Project Manager, WorkWave Route Manager View Phone Number(214) 728-3610
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