Driving Dynamics, Inc.

Richard Traister
258 Chapman Road
Suite 201
Newark, DE 19702-5415

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Company Description:

Driving Dynamics has earned its position as an accomplished provider of impactful driver and safety training by continually building and delivering programs based on sound research, proven learning methodologies and expert instruction. We are dedicated to improving drivers’ abilities to stay safe by leveraging principle-based learning, risk management tools and applied techniques. Our unique and highly effective approach to training has helped numerous fleet-based organizations achieve significant reductions in their crash rates.

Our proprietary, driver training principle, The One Second Advantage™, is rooted in research that shows 90 percent of all traffic crashes can be avoided when the driver has just one more second to react and knows what to do with it. The One Second Advantage has been adopted by numerous fleet operators across North America—with training delivered to tens of thousands of mobile workers each year.  Driving Dynamics encourages all drivers to Steer Toward Safety™


Light-Duty Behind-the-Wheel Training—Advanced performance driver safety training services for individuals that operate passenger vehicles through mid-sized trucks: Open Enrollment and employer-dedicated behind-the-wheel courses with classroom instruction, personalized driver coaching, manager’s ride along training, new-hire, high-risk driver and specialty vehicle training.

DrivActiv Digital Training Solutions—Includes eLearning and micro lessons comprising behavior-and skills–based topics; simulator training; driver records management; online fleet safety resources library.

Center for Transportation Safety CMV Services—Driving Dynamics’ commercial motor vehicle division offers in-classroom, behind-the-wheel and simulation training designed to improve driver safety, reduce organizational risk, and educational training to qualify drivers for their commercial drivers’ licenses.


Product Information:
DrivActiv™ eLearning, from Driving Dynamics, delivers award-winning safety lessons and microlearning for drivers of light-to-heavy-duty vehicles. Mobile-ready, SCORM compliant, lesson libraries are available in U.S. English, American Spanish and Canadian French. Unlimited subscription access pricing available.

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