U.S. Bank Voyager® Fleet Card

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We go the distance

No matter what role you play in managing a successful fleet, you count on reliable partners and visibility into critical data to make informed decisions. Depend on U.S. Bank’s strength and experience to deliver the payment integrity, efficiency and security only a bank can provide.

Get the reliability and visibility you need

In today’s complex and competitive market, you need streamlined processes, actionable data and reliable partners. As a single-source solution, with decades of direct transportation industry experience, U.S. Bank partners with you to improve efficiencies and manage the financial side of your fleet operations.

Product Information:

U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Card

Fleets constantly strive to reduce costs and maintain superior services. That requires efficiently managing driver purchases with customizable controls and real-time data across your fleet systems.

As a single card solution, the Voyager Fleet Card can help you and your entire fleet get to where you need to go.

• Provides convenience for drivers with a secure, reliable and proprietary network at more than 320,000 retail and private fueling sites, truck stops, maintenance and service providers

• Delivers complete level III fleet data detailing every transaction and purchase

• Includes robust controls including PIN, odometer, vehicle/driver ID and customizable pump prompts to reduce fraud and prevent misuse

• Features exceptional customer service with 24/7 support

U.S. Bank Freight Payment

U.S. Bank Freight Payment provides the visibility you need to remove costs, improve your cash-to-cash cycle and create efficiencies with a freight payment partner you can trust.

• Uncover savings with 100% pre-payment audit.

• Resolve exceptions quickly because shippers and carriers collaborate online.

• Gain complete oversight of all funds received and disbursed.



Product Information:
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