Merritt Graphics

101 Prestige Park Road
East Hartford, CT 06108

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Company Description:

Merritt Graphics has Designed, Printed and installed Vehicle Branding projects since 1991. Known nationwide, Merritt Graphics is the best choice for high-quality and good prices. From a single vehicle to medium and large fleets, Merritt Graphics can print and manage installation services coast-to-coast. We are proud to be certified by 3M and able to offer the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty on finished graphics that meet 3M’s exacting requirements. While this Certificate is not required by 3M, it does demonstrate our commitment to excellence, and helps assure our customers of our company’s excellence.

Merritt offers:

•Full Wraps- A full vehicle wrap provides businesses with a great value for their marketing dollars. A full wrap allows  the space to create a complete custom vision with colors, designs, images, and company messaging  all working in concert to maximize impressions and engagement.

•Partial Wraps and Spot Graphics- Full car wraps and other vehicle wraps are an amazing tool for businesses who want to take advantage of the power of mobile out-of-home advertising, but some companies might not choose to create a full design, or completely alter a vehicle’s appearance. If that’s your choice to present your brand, partial wraps or strategically placed spot decal graphics  from Merritt Graphics Big Color are the perfect option.

•Vinyl Lettering -Vinyl lettering is perfect for business names, phone numbers, web addresses, simpler logos and list of services.

Product Information:
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